Welcome to RIFLON!

As a specialized full-cycle enterprise, we use in-house facilities to develop and manufacture products of more than 60 types, from a series of centrifugal pumps and pumping stations on their bases, to low pressure pendulum compressors.

Our experts are involved in endless search for new original solutions, successfully turn them into reality. Our engineers are bound up with to the production, closely monitor manufacturing and assembly processes. We set increased requirements for reliability of our products and test every loaded component of our products. Usage of contemporary CNC machines ensures high quality of all parts of the equipment we manufacture. Our products are intended for operation in harsh climatic and environment conditions, undergo thermal treatment and nitrogen hardening. This makes service life of RIFLON equipment much longer than other manufacturers can offer.

Our production facilities are located in Krasnodar, which is convenient and ensures the most time efficient shipment of the goods by any transportation means, to any site of the world. From aircraft and railroad transport to container carriage from Novorossiysk sea port.

We are open to wishes of our customers and strive to turn their requirements for equipment design features into reliable, high technology products.